Lawyers for Haaretz reporter Uri Blau are to return to Israel on Wednesday after meeting with him in London and receiving information from him on the location of confidential documents he was given by Anat Kamm.

The attorneys, Mibi Moser and Tal Lieblich, made it clear that Blau has not been holding the documents in London, and that the lawyers would provide the information to the Shin Bet security service in the hope that turning over the documents will help put an end to the case.

Kamm is on trial in Tel Aviv District Court on serious charges of espionage after transferring secret documents she obtained during her army service as a clerk in the GOC Central Command.

Before a gag order on the case was lifted, the Shin Bet demanded that Blau turn over any source material that came into his possession at any time during his work as a journalist and also sought to detain him for questioning, and that he be put on trial for possession of secret documents.

Blau refused to transfer all the documents he had collected as that might disclose his sources, and as a result he has not yet returned to Israel. He agreed to turn over Kamm's documents to the Shin Bet after she signed a written declaration waiving any journalistic privilege as his source and asking that Blau turn over the documents she had given him to the Shin Bet.

Blau's lawyers are expected to be in touch with the Shin Bet regarding the security service's additional demands.

Moser and Lieblich said on Tuesday: "We received the necessary information with regard to the location of Anat Kamm's documents in Israel, and we will provide the information to security authorities on our return."

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