King Abdullah II of Jordan is set to speak with a group of American rabbis today, as part of his ongoing effort to build bridges between Muslims, Jews and Christians.

In the event, slated to take place in the capital, Abdullah is expected to lay out his vision of inter-religious respect and of promoting a tolerant Islam, as opposed to the interpretation used by terror groups.

The Jordanian monarch also believes that Islam can lead the Arab world towards modernization, and is advocating stronger relations with the West.

The Washington speech will not be Abdullah's first attempt to reach out to believers from all religions. He has met with Pope Benedict XVI, and this summer held a high level meeting with leading Islamic clerics to discuss ways of promoting moderate Islam.

At the conclusion of that meeting, held in Amman, the leaders agreed upon several resolutions intended to curb the influence of clerics that preach for religious intolerance.

During his visit to the US, Abdullah and his wife Queen Rania met with many groups of young Jews, Christians and Muslims, and called for moderation and for keeping an open dialogue between faiths.