“None is poor save him that lacks knowledge”-- Talmud, Nedarim

CIJR celebrates a milestone: seventeen years of sustained, unmatched analysis and creativity. The Institute is proud of its publications—the most accurate and thought-provoking analyses and commentaries on the Jewish world, the State of Israel, the Middle East, and “the oldest hatred”–antisemitism.

Our e-mailed and faxed Daily ISRANET Briefing and weekly French COMMUNIQUÉ ISRANET are reaching the entire globe, from Mozambique to France, from Italy to Japan, from Montreal to LA, and from Madrid to Jerusalem.

CIJR’s print quarterly, ISRAFAX, is also read internationally. And our students’ excellent bi-annual publication, Dateline: Middle East, is a shining example of the Institute’s work with future leaders of the Jewish community. The core of Dateline is a team of dedicated pro-Israel students whose voices are heard on campuses all over Canada and the US.

The students’ Dateline: Middle East is one of the most original and successful projects initiated by CIJR’s inspiring and creative Director, Prof. Frederick Krantz. His vast knowledge of history and philosophy is an inspiration to all those who have worked with him and been led by his “AHAVAT ISRAEL.”

CIJR’s endeavors: Daily ISRANET Briefing, COMMUNIQUÉ ISRANET, ISRAFAX, Dateline: Middle East, as well as our regular academic lectures, seminars and symposiums, and especially, the Middle East and Jewish World Data Bank (expected to be available online this month), have always attained the highest standard in educating and informing the public. As Y.L. Gordon stated, “knowledge is like the sun--it dispels all darkness.”

I am proud to be part of this unique and wonderful team of academics, students and volunteers, through whom CIJR is able to shed light on the media’s biases towards terror and hate and its naked enmity towards Israel. As the Zohar, Genesis: 154, teaches, “Only through the disclosed can we reach the undisclosed.”

“With all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might,” CIJR will remain dedicated to reaching the entire “Klal Israel” and beyond. Yom Huledet sameach!